accounting services

Ante mare undae  the whole is made from pieces

I work in cooperation in the field of taxation and accounting with VP-consult-07ltd which is a company specialized in the complex accounting services. Through our mutual work you can receive complete certainty in the current security activity and if necessary, by specific decisions in cases arising in the process of development of economic activity. 
 VP-consult-07ltd is a specialized accounting company with a 15 years experience in spectrum of accounting consultations including: 
  • tax optimization
  • avoiding double taxation 
  • finding qualified workers from Bulgaria for activities in EU
VP-consult-07ltd has a team of professionals in the field of finances, investments, accounting, tax and social security law. They have great experience in finding solutions in tax planning, avoiding double taxation and legal tax optimization.
"VP-Consult-07" Ltd.:

1606, Sofia, 13A Hristo Botev bld, 2 fl. 6 ap. 

Phone.: +3592 9807043, +359 888 941 152