- 2001 monograph “Legal opportunities for corruption in the field of social security”

- 2004 co-author of the book “Procedures in the field of social security”

- 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 – co-author of the books ”Social security”


Magazine “Society and law"

issue 8/2009 Excise duty for income of old automobiles from EU

issue 2/2010 Who is the real owner of an income according to the mutual treaties
for avoiding double taxation

issue 7/2010 Taxation of deals with emissions according to the Protocol of Kioto

 issue 4/2010 Social security insurances on income received when managing a company

issue 2/2011 specialties about the documents needed to prove that the transport of goods to countries of EU is made in connection of VAT treatment of supplies

issue 6/2010, magazine “Finances and law ” 
problems and different legal statements connected with the revisions made
according the rules of TSSPCode

issue 10/2009, magazine “Labour and law 
The limitation of the maximum size of a pension – a regulator connected with the principle
for social justice or discrimination

issue 8/2009, magazine “Finances and law”
Peculiarities in the procedures according TSSCode connected with the obligations
to collect proofs and their analysis

issue 4/2009, magazine “Finances and law”
The treatment according the Bulgarian VAT law when selling automobiles on lease contracts

issue 10/2008, magazine “Finances and law”
Peculiarities  in the procedure on TSSPCode  when avoiding double taxation of income
and property of  foreign people

issue 7/2008, magazine “Finances and law"  
VAT treatment of international transport when it passes through the territory of Bulgaria

issue 5/2008, magazine “Finances and law 
Appeals against a revision act according art. 156 from TSSPCode

issue 4/2008, magazine “Finances and law" 
Issuing electronic invoices

issue 12/2007, magazine “Finances and law" 
VAT taxation of factoring deals according to art. 46 (1), 3 from the law

issue 9/2007, magazine “Labour and law" 
Social security insurances on the gross income for the first day from the temporal incapability

issue 5/2007, magazine “Labour and law" 
How to form the social security base on which the insurances must be calculated 
when working on several labour contracts

issue 3/2007, magazine “Labour and law" 
Are the municipalities obliged to pay social security insurances for people
who receive social payments if they have not declared that

issue 12/2006, magazine “Labour and law" 
Social security insurances on compensations paid according art.222(1) from the LCode

issue 3/2006, magazine “Labour and law"  
Legal consequences of the obligatory prescriptions of NSSI send to the people who had not used their right to make an instalment plan about their social security insurances for health

issue 1/2006, magazine “Labour and law" 
The new Tax and social security procedural code 

issue 8/2005, magazine “Labour and law" 
Peculiarities about the Law for the garanteed payments to the workers and servants in cases
of insolvency of the employer

issue 6/2004, magazine “Labour and law" 
Making an instalment plan for social security insurances for health not paid till 31.12.2003

issue 11/2003, magazine “Labour and law" 
Payments of the month benefits to children with permanent injuries


Publishes till 01.11.2002
How to make a deduction between sums that have to be paid from the funds of NSSI
with such that NSSI have to pay to a person  

Publishes till 01.10.2002
Is it legal the owner of a company to conclude a labour contract with himself
Publishes till 01.10.2002
How a self employed person can receive the compensations for birth and maternity

Publishes till 01.08.2002
How to receive back the sums for social security insurances paid
when there was no obligation for that

Publishes till 01.06.2002
social security insurances that have to be made on different managing contracts