about me

Et rerum omnium magister ius.
/Practice is the master of all matters Caesar/


Years of education: 1988 1992
University: Sofia University St.St.Kliment Ohridski
Degree obtained: Masters, Diploma 119577/05.18.1993
Field of education: Law

  • from 2008 practice as a lawyer registered in the SAC
  • 2006-2008 -  Chief of department Methodology of the process and legal statements, Directorate Tax and social security methodology, Central office, NRA
  • 2005 - Director of the Legal General Directorate, NSSI
  • 2003-2005 financial surveyor of NSSI
  • 20002005 Chief of department Court representation and depth collecting,
    Legal General Directorate, NSSI
  • 19972000- Chief of department Ownership Legal General Directorate, NSSI
  • 1994 1997 Chief of the Legal department, public company Social recreation Ltd.
  • 1993 1994 Legal adviser, Sofia municipality
  • 1992 1993 practice as a judge, Sofia regional court

tax law, social security law and law of estate, commercial, obligatory, administrative and labour law, leading proceedings and representation in court

  • 2001 - legal researcher project Is there a corruption in the social field? financed by the European council. The research was in the field of social security law and pensions.
  • 2001 - WBI Flagship Course on Social Security and Pension Reform: Second Generation and Implementation Issues in Hungary
  • 2003 USAID and Carana Corporation training program Labour market 
  • 2003- 2005 member of the Standard setting instruments committee in social security to the Council of Europe and member of the SCC to the Administrative commission of the EUC
  • 2005- 2006 lecturer at the HSFI Labour and social security law

Horse riding, yoga, meditations, reiki, long distance running, walks in the mountains, drawing with pencils, reading a lot of books /especially  such connected with finding and maintaining inner harmony, spiritual freedom, connection with the person itself/.